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About Us

Our Mission Our mission is to create an amazing “whole life” experience and culture that is filled with joy.
Zest Palate Inc. (formerly Savory Living Corporation) is a Saladmaster independent authorized dealer located in Irvine, CA. We change life!
Zest Palate inspires and empowers families to live a “whole life” – eat well, live well and be well. We provide free insightful nutrition seminars and educational cooking demonstrations. We offer fun cooking classes for Saladmaster owners that are inspired to prepare easy, tasty and nutritious meals for their love ones.
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Why I (and many others) love the Saladmaster difference?
1. Prepares meals in a non-corrosive and non-reactive environment – taste the difference
2. Retains natural nutrients – especially organic produce & responsibly raised meats, poultry and seafood
3. Reduces preparation time and clean-up – save 30+ minutes per meal
4. Minimizes if not eliminates use of oils – I dictate, not my cookware
5. My family and I are worth it! – Yours are too!
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Intro to Saladmaster and Zest Palate

  • Corporate Lunch and Learn Seminars

  • Our nutrition and wellness seminars were developed by a certified nutritionist. We come to your office and provide seminar materials and sample foods. Our educational program is our way to give back to and empower our community to live a “whole life”. No products will be offered for sale.

  • Private Cooking Demonstrations

  • Learn first-hand about Saladmaster. Discover why we are passion about our premium cookware and our “whole life” core value – eat well, live well and be well! See it for yourself. Taste the difference for yourself. No obligations to buy anything.

  • Weekly Open House – Tuesday 7pm

  • Join us for fun filled evening. Win fabulous prizes including Saladmaster products. Taste our easy to prepare recipes. Learn more about our products, our community and our opportunities.

Our Community of Owners

  • Cooking Class

  • We offer ongoing cooking classes for Saladmaster owners to realize the many benefits of their unique and premium cookware. Our classes are typically two hours of fun hands-on training. Our owners have been amazed by how easy it is to prepare meals and how much better food taste, all with less work and less spices. Our cooking classes are updated regularly and include traditional Chinese, Italian / Western, American, modern comfort foods, etc. Check with us on our latest classes. Ownership has its privileges!

Fun hands-on class to use your Saladmaster cookware. Your family will be thrilled by your results! Classes fill quickly. Book today.

Cooking Classes – Saturday 2pm

Fun hands-on class to use your Saladmaster cookware. Your family will be thrilled by your results! Classes fill quickly. Book today.

  • Booking Partners and Consultants

  • Zest Palate offers exceptional business opportunities for booking partners and cooking / nutrition consultants that have a passion for cooking and wellness, and wish to grow with us and our expanding community.

Consultant Training – Monday 7pm

Embark upon your independent Saladmaster business – not multi-level marketing. Training classes focus on products, nutrition, personal empowerment and product demonstration. All you need is the desire and your Saladmaster cookware. We’ll help you with the rest!Fun hands-on class to use your Saladmaster cookware. Your family will be thrilled by your results! Classes fill quickly. Book today.

For more information on our events and services.

For reservations call +(123) 456 – 7890
Our Testimonials
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