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About us

about us

Zest Palate Inc. (rebranding of Savory Living Corporation) is a Saladmaster independent authorized dealer located in Irvine, CA. We change life!

Zest Palate inspires and empowers families to live a “whole life” – eat well, live well and be well. We provide free insightful nutrition seminars and educational cooking demonstrations. We offer fun cooking classes for Saladmaster owners that are inspired to prepare easy, tasty and nutritious meals for their love ones.

Our growing community of families are fulfilling their passion for and goal of health and wellness. Our “whole life” approach has created stellar results in product sales, customer referral and recognition by Saladmaster as one of the three leading global direct dealers in our initial year of operations.

Saladmaster is the flagship cookware of the Regalware. Saladmaster was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with manufacturing in Wisconsin. For history or more information, please visit Saladmaster.

Zest Palate offers exceptional business opportunities for booking partners and cooking / nutrition consultants that have a passion for cooking and wellness, and wish to grow with us and our expanding community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an amazing “whole life” experience and culture that is filled with joy. We are dedicated to inspiring families to eat “clean” and nutritious using Saladmaster cookware as the foundation for positive emotional health and to appreciate the zest of life.

Our Journey

Two personal events forever changed my family’s perspective to life, food and health. First, my mother suffered through and eventually lost her battle with cancer. Second, my youngest son, Daren, as a toddler had delayed speech and displayed abnormal social behavior. He was diagnosed with an autistic spectrum condition. While supporting my mother in her treatment and finding alternative therapies for my son, I was struck by the direct relationship between the food we ate and our health. To heal my son, I was committed to having our family eat “clean” – free of industrial contaminants. The steps were rarely easy and at times daunting. Most importantly, I needed a responsible state of mind. I changed. Before attending a Saladmaster cooking demonstration in 2010, I owned a variety of cookware including easy-to-use non-stick aluminum, gourmet stainless steel and colorful European cast iron, but had not heard about Saladmaster.


The cooking demonstration opened my mind to the non-corrosive and non-reactive nature of Saladmaster. Today, we only use Saladmaster cookware as we aim to eat “clean” while enjoying all the other benefits – fast cooking, vibrant taste, retained nutrients and easy cleanup. Years later, I introduced my close friend and fellow mom-chef to Saladmaster cookware. Her testimony inspired me to step out of “motherhood retirement” and former corporate banking career to assist other families. After more than two fun and personally rewarding years of educating other families, I took the leap in fulfilling my calling and have become an authorized dealer based in Irvine, California. With our growth, we have also expanded into Hong Kong. While Saladmaster recognized my results with leading worldwide awards and certificates of achievements, my greatest reward comes from the growing heartfelt relationships I’ve developed with likeminded people and seeing other families inspired to eat “clean” and nutritious meals. I am blessed by the growing families I’ve empowered in fulfilling their life’s goals, and that both my sons have grown into healthy, joyful and responsible young men.